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function EUO2ID(EUO : String) : Cardinal

Please check: Doc:Api/EUO2Type


function EUO2Type(EUO : String) : Word

This function converts EasyUO (SyS26 format) to decimbal: EUO2Type("POF")=3821 # Gold coins

Actually, I have not found any difference between EUO2Type и Doc:Api/EUO2ID. Here is the Python 3.3. example how to convert data back to SyS26:

def DecToEUO(val):
    i,s=(val ^ 69) +7, ""
    while i>0: s,i=s+chr(65+i%26), int(i/26)
    return s


function GetEasyUO(num: Integer) : String

Please find detailed information here: Doc:Api/SetEasyUO


procedure SetEasyUO(num: Integer; Regvalue : String)

Creates\changes Windows registry variable in a partition: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EasyUO. Such variable can be accessed (read\write) from the EasyUO scripts, which creates a sort of compatibility between Stealth and EasyUO.

Python example:

SetEasyUO(56, "Kill them all!")

creates *56 variable in a registry with the value "Kill them all!".

Can be accessed from EasyUO:

display This is your text: *56
set %myvar *56
display This is your text: %myvar

Note! SetEasyUO num parameter can only be an integer, while EasyUO can work with text variables as well: *database, *alert, *any_other_text. Such text variables can not be accesed from the Stealth scripts.

Use Doc:RU/Api/GetEasyUO to read *-value from the system registry.

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