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function MoveXY(Xdst, Ydst:Word; Optimized:Boolean; Accuracy:Integer; Running:Boolean):Boolean

The function calculates the path to a point and moves to her.

Xdst, Ydst - the coordinates of the point to which you want to come.

Optimized - in True will be more complex ways of rendering, so it is recommended to include only a distance of up to 200 tiles.Optimizd option left for backward compatibility, see Doc:Api/MoveHeuristicMult

Accuracy - the accuracy of the approximation:0 - straight to the point, 1 - close to the radius of one tile, etc. The length is limited to 1000 tiles.

Running - run/walk to a point.

If the path has been successfully passed, the function returns a True, another False.

This function is not suitable for shards, where to exit the ship is required to pass on the ladder. In this case, you need to become a ladder and use the Doc:Api/Step on the open ramp

This function is obsolete, a new analog Doc:Api/NewMoveXY