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Graphic Client

Stealth can run UO Client. Just use Start Client button.


To make use of it you need correctly configured Stealth server and client.

Server configuration


Text Fields:

  • Login - login for authentication to the server
  • Password - Password for authentication
  • Port - port for the server


  • Allow to connect only from LocalHost - allow the connection to the server only with your PC
  • Log packets - saved to file all data between client and server Stealth
  • Fast login - while opening UOClient skips world and character selection

Server modes:

  • Observe mode - client window does not receives all the targets, menus and gumps
    • Send CheckPacket ON -
  • Setup mode - Setup Mode options becomes available
    • Moving ON - to allow movement
    • Gumps & Menus ON - enable menu
    • Targets ON - enable targets
    • Other packets ON - to allow the rest
  • Full mode - client window receives all targets, menus, gumps coming in stealth from the game server

All changes associated with the server shall become effective only after a restart of the stealth.

Client configuration

Client setup.jpg
  • Clients - a list of clients for shards
  • Name - name of the client in the Stealth
  • Path - the path to the client
  • Version - game client version
  • Encrypted client - If your client uses encryption, you need to put this check, if the encryption is removed, respectively, then it is not necessary, otherwise the client can "fall" or simply do not connect.
  • Change resolution - resizing the game window (where the character is displayed and the world)(like Razor) allowed values: width(320-1280), height(240-1024)
  • Remove stamina check - allows passing through other players or NPC
  • Path to MultiClient - allows you to run multiple copies of the client
  • Use steal.cfg instead login.cfg - save Stealth local server address to steal.cfg file instead of login.cfg
  • Patch for low CPU usage - patches the client so that it will not load the processor (or single core) to 100%. At the moment this option does not work.

☛ To add a client - click the green cross in the upper right corner

☛ To delete a client, click the red minus sign in the right corner

☛ The arrows in the upper right corner of the move to client list of customers up and down respectively