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Stealth settings window is opened by pressing a cog in the upper right corner of the main Stealth window:


Common settings



  • Save packets log - write to a file all data transmitted from the game server to stealth and back.
  • Save debug log - write to a file all debugging information
  • Use Art.mul - to display images of objects without animation on the World tab
  • Enable Map - includes tracking the character on the Map
  • Show Cliloc text in journal - display text from a file cliloc
  • Messages from Mover in SysJournal - display messages from scripting functions of movement of the character


  • Change - change the icon displayed in the stealth system tray (near the clock)
  • Reset - reset icon to default
  • Hide stealth - to hide the icon in the system tray (shown again be pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S)

Server settings

The virtual Stealth server settings. This server allows you to connect with plain UOClient to the Stealth(connected to game server)


Text Fields:

  • Login - login for authentication to the server
  • Password - Password for authentication
  • Port - port for the server


  • Allow to connect only from LocalHost - allow the connection to the server only with your PC
  • Log packets - saved to file all data between client and server Stealth
  • Fast login - while opening UOClient skips world and character selection

Server modes:

  • Observe mode - client window does not receives all the targets, menus and gumps
    • Send CheckPacket ON -
  • Setup mode - Setup Mode options becomes available
    • Moving ON - to allow movement
    • Gumps & Menus ON - enable menu
    • Targets ON - enable targets
    • Other packets ON - to allow the rest
  • Full mode - client window receives all targets, menus, gumps coming in stealth from the game server

All changes associated with the server shall become effective only after a restart of the stealth.

ICQ Settings

Used in the scripts to send ICQ messages.


Text Fields:

  • ICQ UIN - number of your ICQ
  • Passoword - password of ICQ


  • Connect - connect to the ICQ server
  • Disconnect - to disconnect

Drop-down lists:

  • Status - mode of ICQ (online, away, dnd)
  • XStatus - mini-status (the mini-image, anger, work, sleep)

Packetfilter settings