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What is Stealth?

This site is dedicated to Stealth Client for Ultima Online. By creating this program, I set a goal to make something universal, which will give a huge number of opportunities to emulate the player's actions in the game Ultima Online, and will not be demanding of computer resources. Even my main goal was to give up my program depending on the client UO. Where to start? If you have just learned about this program, you should first read the description of the program. Command and examples of work with them, you'll also find under Help. If you are interested in the history of news and changes, you will find them in the News section. In Download section you can download the latest version of Stealth client.

Before you start writing the script, you can see the finished scripts, see Scripts. Maybe your script is already there. If you have trouble with writing a script, you can go to the forum. There you will find the answer to any question. Also, remember that the site has a collection of frequently asked questions FAQ, which is constantly updated, and the answer to your question may already be there.

I hope that the program will be useful for you, so my efforts were not wasted. :-) Good luck.

What can Stealth do?

  • Supports all versions of client and server
  • The scripting languages(Pascal, Python) are provides great opportunities to create macros of any complexity
  • Ability to create assemblies of scripts that can not be read or edited, but that can be run in Stealth
  • Built-in script editor with syntax highlighting, auto-substitution functions and parameters
  • Built-in debugger for scripting, which allows simple debugging features - turn-based test, stop the script in the right places, displaying variable values ​​during the pause, move the cursor instead of where the error occurred, etc.
  • Intelligent system for moving the character, to check the possibility of the tiles and check on the height Z
  • Built-in powerful path-finding, which determines the fastest and best way to move your character
  • Display game map with zoom tools, and separate window map (similar to UO AutoMap)
  • Quick ItemCash capable of serving BIG quantity of items (100k per char is not a limit), quickly and without problems
  • Quick work with client files, cliloc files, maps, static, pictures, etc.
  • Quick work with a character, instant entry into the game, the exchange of data processing between the client and server, the response to them and perform the necessary scripts. What makes macro very fast and efficient.
  • Ability to connect a large number of characters, without the use of a graphical environment and resource loading computer
  • Stealth by 99% valid as the original client, making it almost impossible to identify by the server
  • Integrated support for Proxy allows you to connect to the game server through SOCKS5 proxy, with the possibility of authorization and without
  • Ability to run a standard graphical client, where the player can change the size of the playing area (eg 1024x768), to run multiple copies of the client (multi-patch), remove the check Stamina, and install the patch reduces the CPU load from 60-70% to 2-3%, no client patching required.
  • Support for commands that can be invoked from the client, at the moment their number is constantly increasing

How to configure Stealth

Stealth configuration