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Messengers Bots Registration

Stealth connects not to the messengers, but to their bots, and using its for sending/receiving messages. Below shown process of bot registration in different messengers.

After registration, you will receive Token from the bot, which will be used in the stealth to be connected to the bot.

P.S. Token shown only as examples;


Just talk to user BotFather ( )


Answer should be like "Alright, a new bot. How are we going to call it? Please choose a name for your bot."

Write a name of your bot, f.e. VizBot

In few seconds you will receive answer "Good. Now let's choose a username for your bot. It must end in `bot`. Like this, for example: TetrisBot or tetris_bot."

Write an unique id with "bot" at the end.

If selected id already exists, you will receive an answer "Sorry, this username is already taken. Please try something different." until id is unique.

F.E. Viz402020_Bot

In answer you will receive few strings like "Done! Congratulations on your new bot. You will find it at ....." You are interested in line "Use this token to access the HTTP API: 528570440:AAFLNlgz191XQ-dzFco0EqSUaAkpgMbcqyo". That is token, which you must set before connect Telegram in Stealth.


Registration process taking place in browser, not in Viber!

if you haven't registered at yet - start from Если вы еще не регистрировались на - то начать надо с , in registration use pnone number with Viber(activation code will be sent to Viber), Next, write received code, write password, finish.

Authorize at

On left menu select "Create Bot Account".

Must be filled only fields with stars (*)


  • Account Name - VizBot
  • URI - vizbot
  • Category - Groups
  • Subcategory - Knowledge

(two last - any, bot will be published never)

  • Description- any string
  • Language - any
  • Location - any
  • Email Address - any, no verification letter sending.
  • Account Image - bot avatar.

Checkbox "The account contains adult content" - must stay unchecked, "I accept the Terms and Conditions" - check.

Next press "Create"

If you have errors in filling - they will be shown.

After correct filling new page shown with text like

Account created! This is your private token. Use this token to connect to the Viber Chat API. 477b54fa22e7d33f-742f555081917396-452754352e4becd4

That is token, which you must set before connect Viber in Stealth.