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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section I have collected the most interesting and frequently asked questions and, of course, the answers to them.

What is the purpose Stealth Client? What can I do it?

Stealth Client is designed to emulate the actions of the player in the game Ultima Online. By using this program you can keep on the required number of macro charov. The program uses a scripting engine Pascal Script ™ 3.0. It is possible to run an unlimited number of scripts that automatically rekonektit charov and so on.

How the program is demanding of computer resources?

The program requires a minimum of computer resources, so you can freely work (play) on the computer.

Do I need a client program for UO?

No. For the UO client program is optional.

How many characters can I keep this program?

How you like.

What can be done simply to connect with UO server?

You must enter a username and password. Then enter the settings UO server (ip, port, client version, encryption). Then you can press the Connect button and connect to the game server.

The program is not connected to the UO server. In what may be the problem?

Possible reasons include: - Invalid ID or password; - Incorrect setting shard; - UO server broken; - The problem with communication.

Can the program reconnect?

Yes he can. Enter the time, reconnect, and then click "Auto". Time is in seconds.

How to disconnect character?

Simply click Disconnect. Do not forget to turn off rekonnektor.

Can I put on a program with various different charov UO servers?

Yes you can. For each char simply select your shard shards on the list.

How do I save the login and password every time is not re-enter?

Enter your username and password and click Add.

How do I delete a saved username and password?

Choose from the list of desired username and click on Del.

Where the program stores the user names and passwords? Can I steal them?

The program stores passwords in the registry. You can easily transfer the program to their friends, without fear that they will get your passwords. But do not store passwords in the clubs, and do not allow outsiders to climb to the registry of your computer.

I'm trying to change the username and password, but the program does not let me do it! What should I do?

In the case when the spell is under the connection from the server, or have already joined - to change the login program you will not. If you want to change your username or password - first disconnect from the server.

How do I add (remove) the list of new shard shards?

Add and Del buttons, respectively.

In the chat room not visible that I write. The magazine is, and no chat.

It is possible that you just chat on the lock. Look at the lock, if it is closed, then click once on it.

What language is used when writing scripts?

Language Pascal.

How do I run a script?

Tap the Open button and load the script. Next, click Start new Script.

How do I stop the script?

Highlight the script and click Stop.

How do I stop the script and then continue?

Button Pause / Resume. Highlight the script and click on it.

What happens with the script when to break the link with the UO server?

The script continues to run regardless of the connection from the server.

Does the program sends the packets from the script when to break the link with the UO server?

No. No packets are not sent from the script, if charms not to be in the game world. The script in this case allegedly executed.

The program paid or not?


What can I help you?

Yes. If you have any suggestions or whether - please write and we can discuss.

How you can be reached?

You can contact me by