Translate the numeric bitmask value to the flags.


This function is used for console output in UO Client. For example - rune renaming.

If you not sure, if ConsoleEntry or ConsoleEntryUnicode coming from server - check Journal, message about console entry will be printed there.

If Console Entry already received from server - this method will immediately send answer to server. If not received yet - the hook installing, and once Console Etry will come - it will be processed by this hook.


function ConvertIntegerToFlags(Group : byte; Value : LongWord) : TTileDataFlagSet


TTileDataFlags = ( tsfBackground, tsfWeapon, tsfTransparent, tsfTranslucent, tsfWall, tsfDamaging, tsfImpassable, tsfWet, tsfUnknown, tsfSurface, tsfBridge, tsfGeneric, tsfWindow, tsfNoShoot, tsfPrefixA, tsfPrefixAn, tsfInternal, tsfFoliage, tsfPartialHue, tsfUnknown1, tsfMap, tsfContainer, tsfWearable, tsfLightSource, tsfAnimated, tsfNoDiagonal, tsfUnknown2, tsfArmor, tsfRoof, tsfDoor, tsfStairBack, tsfStairRight, tlfTranslucent, tlfWall, tlfDamaging, tlfImpassable, tlfWet, tlfSurface, tlfBridge, tlfPrefixA, tlfPrefixAn, tlfInternal, tlfMap, tlfUnknown3); TTileDataFlagSet = set of TTileDataFlags;


def ConvertIntegerToFlags(Group, Flags) -> list

where Group is

         {0: 0, 'tfLand': 0, 'tfland': 0, 'Land': 0, 'land': 0,
         1: 1, 'tfStatic': 1, 'tfstatic': 1, 'Static': 1, 'static': 1}

and result will be list of strings-flags.

Example Pascal

Program New;
var   FlagSet: TTileDataFlagSet;
// флаги, что соответствуют 67117569
// [tdfBackground,tdfSurface,tdfNoShoot,tdfUnknown2]
FlagSet:= ConvertIntegerToFlags(2, 67117569);
IF tdfSurface in FlagSet then
IF tdfImpassable in FlagSet then