Search for the objects with specified array of types ObjTypes and array of colors Colors in the array of Containers Containers.

InSub select search mode for subcontainers - true or false.

Returns the last object found using the function.

If no objects found, or char disconnected - returns 0.

NB: Method inside will go through each type\color\location and execute a simple findtypeex command.

Search result:

Search distance modifiers:

Array items in parameter Containers can be:

If ObjTypes contains item -1 ($FFFF) - will search ANY objects.

If Colors contains item -1 ($FFFF) - will search objects with ANY color.


function FindTypesArrayEx(ObjTypes : array of Word;Colors : array of Word;Containers : array of Cardinal;InSub : Boolean) : Cardinal;


def FindTypesArrayEx(ObjTypes, Colors, Containers, InSub): -> uint

Example Pascal

FindDistance := 20;
FindVertical := 10;
FindTypesArrayEx([$29A, $29B, $190, $191, $25d, $25e, $192, $193, $25f, $260, $2ea, $2ec, $2ed, $84, $f6, $19, $db, $51, $7a, $2ee, $2e8, $2e9, $2eb, $117, $116, $115],[$FFFF],[Ground],false);
AddToSystemJournal('FindCount = ' + IntToStr(FindCount));