Fill UserList by search results. If found nothing, returns false and empty list, else true.

Search can be done with FindType, FindTypeEx, FindNotoriety, etc

WARNING! IDs in list in hex!

NB: Starting from version 7.9.0 function GetFoundItems available, returns array of found items.

Pascal Syntax:

function GetFindedList(var UserList : TStringList) : Boolean;

Warning: var with type TStringList should be created before calling GetFindedList and be disposed after!

Pascal Example 1:

function GetFoundItemsFromStringList(var Items: Array Of Cardinal): Integer;
var List: TStringList; i: Integer;
  List := TStringList.Create;
  if GetFindedList(List) = False then Result := 0
  else begin
    SetLength(Items, List.Count);
    for i := 0 to Length(Items)-1 do Items[i] := StrToInt('$'+List.Strings[i]);
    Result := Length(Items);

Python Syntax:

NB: Python doesn’t support this method

See GetFoundList