returns parent container for ObjID.

If char disconnected, of item not found, or object has no parent (on ground), returns 0.

Pascal Syntax:

function GetParent(ObjID : Cardinal) : Cardinal;

Pascal Example:

 if (GetParent(finditem) <> backpack) then 
  AddToSystemJournal('Item is not in backpack');

Python Syntax:

def GetParent(ObjID): --> uint

Detection of last parent container before ground. Python Example:

def FullParentPath(p):
    if type(p)!=list or not p: p=[p]
    if not p[-1]: return p[1:-1]
    return FullParentPath(p+[GetParent(p[-1])])

Return list: [BagID1, BagID2, BagIDpreGround], whereBagID1 - containers with ObjID, BagIDpreGround - last container before groud (if search in character backpack or layers - will return character ID).