[V6, C#] FAIL - Fully Automated IDOC Looter (wip)

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[V6, C#] FAIL - Fully Automated IDOC Looter (wip)

Post by sibble »

Download Source: http://fail.sourceforge.net
ScriptSDK: http://scriptsdk.sourceforge.net

**Updated to latest ScriptSDK.  In order to compile, you also need ScriptSDK.

Current Stage:
This project is far from being finished.  I am posting what I have for educational purposes.  There is no projected date for completion.

  • Search
    • Build/Run Rails
    • Dynamic Rails
    • Runebooks w/ runes marking starting locations for rails
    • Save Rails to XML
    • Pause/Continue while building rail
    • Save all houses to a database, recording time/date added and last checked
  • Watch
    • If a house is found in any IDOC stage, it will begin to watch it after finished searching.
    • Stages are recorded in database, as well as time the stage changed
    • Intelligent selection, will watch/wait at house that is most likely to change stage first
  • Loot
    • If a house is going to fall soon, it will wait at it to loot it
    • Loot customization, filters, options
  • Google Calendar API
    • Houses timed and scheduled to fall will be made as an event on Google Calendar
    • Schedule times to search for house, run specific rails, etc.
What is working:
  • Save/Load/Run Rails, saved in XML
  • IDOC Searching
  • House database saved in XML

If you save your rail/house settings, close the application, reload the application and click save again...  you're settings will be overwritten by blank files.  Make sure you copy/pasta your XML files to back them up!  All it takes is one miss-click.
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Re: [V6, C#] FAIL - Fully Automated IDOC Looter (wip)

Post by gemviper »

I would love to try this out but I can't get it to load, no .sc or .exe for stealth to find. How do I set it up?
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Re: [V6, C#] FAIL - Fully Automated IDOC Looter (wip)

Post by Vizit0r »

thats external script, c#. Look at topic name.
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