[C#, ScriptSDK, XScript] LootLogger

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[C#, ScriptSDK, XScript] LootLogger

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*While this project might not be completely useful to everyone, there are examples in here on how to utilize ScriptSDK (with XScript extension) to quickly and easily evaluate and filter loot.

**This is not a compiled project, this is source code. If you want to compile the project yourself you can download Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition for free and compile it along with the required references posted below.

This project was started in order to assist me in finding specific pieces of gear to build the perfect suit. You can either log one container or log every container in your entire house with the click of a button. Saving the log will save your data in an XML file which you can then use something to parse/display/sort/filter.

If you look at Form1.cs the are two methods called SaveFiles() one is commented, the other isn't. The new method that is not commented out is working but not complete as far as message postbacks. The old commented method works and is complete. The difference between the two functions is the way the output is formatted. The commented way formats the XML file in a Parent->Child format, and the new uncommented method formats the XML file with element properties formatting.

What works:
Search Container, Search All Containers, Save Log, Fetch

Not working at the time of this post:
Load log - I haven't written a new loading method now that I've reformatted the XML output.
SQL connectivity - don't hit anything on the "Settings" tab as it will not work at the moment.

ScriptSDK - https://github.com/Crome696/ScriptSDK
XScript - https://github.com/unisharpUO/XScript

Compile and launch, a character must be connected, in-game and in your house. Choose to search through a container or search through all containers in your house. Your character will path to containers out of reach. After the worker thread is complete an autosave is called.

Missing Items:
If a container with items that don't match what's in our item bases, then it will be defined as missing. Missing items tooltips will be posted in the message output box for debugging.


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