[py] EggFarmer

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[py] EggFarmer

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Located under repo: https://github.com/unisharpUO/StealthUO-Scripts
https://github.com/unisharpUO/StealthUO ... gFarmer.py

EggFarmer is a 100% AFKable script. I split the nest areas into 5 different regions, each has their own rail. Your character will walk around, and stop when it finds BOTH a snake and a nest, and then will proceed to use your charmer flute on it. You must have Stealth (the skill.... and the program, of course.) If you get revealed it will attempt to use egg/smoke bombs. If you get poisoned it will attempt to use cures. Make sure you have plenty of snake charmer flutes in your inventory and also make sure they are insured.

Items Needed:
Cures Potions
Smoke/Egg Bombs

Color chart to come...

Near the top of the script look for:

Code: Select all

Path = Areas[0]
Rails 0 through 4 represent the 5 different rails.

The status is: working, optimizations needed to improve eggs over time.
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