Installation and Configuration

Installation is simple: just download latest Stealth version and unzip it somewhere.


Configuration is a few step process, you need to create profiles for character, shard and client.

You need to open profile editor and configure:

Open profile editor


Character setup

Profile setup.png

When you connect to the game server it is usually a list of game servers, and then you select one of them, then you select from playable characters list:

How select shard and character index - Setting the game server and character

☛ To add a new profile, press the green button in the lower left corner of the Profile Setup.

☛ To delete, click the red minus sign in the lower left corner of the Profile Setup.

☛ To save your changes, click Save.

Shard setup

Shard setup.png

  1. If not properly selected directory will be displayed: Status: Path Incorrect

☛ To add a shard, click Add

☛ To remove a shard hit the Delete button

☛ To save the settings, click Save

Client setup


☛ To add a client - click the green cross in the upper right corner

☛ To delete a client, click the red minus sign in the right corner

☛ The arrows in the upper right corner of the move to client list of customers up and down respectively

You are done

Now you can select profile and click Connect button to login to the game.