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Character Movement doesnt work inside Mine

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Character Movement doesnt work inside Mine

Post by fulano »

Hello guys;

I'm trying to build a mining macro, but for some reason in my Server, the character doesn't move inside the Mine with Stealth commands; Already tried newMoveXY, raw_move, Step, Stepq, none of these work inside the Mine, just outside; Everything else works fine, but moving, no.
I'm getting this tipes of errors:

TMover.Server_MoveAccept[107]: server accept movement, stealth think this point is not passable (3105, 354, 35) or
Can't find path to (3110, 355); MoveXYZ: GetPathArray3D returns -1 points of route;

So, i'm trying to figure out a way to move my char in this situation.

Is there a way to Stealth to activate a Client macro, then i can configure moving some direction macro in client and use it in Script? Something like a 'Key' function;
Or is there a way in stealth to move de character by clicking?
with this i can also develop some function to move long distances; It's of course not ideal buy i need it do work some way;

Thanks in advance;
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Re: Character Movement doesnt work inside Mine

Post by Vizit0r »

write me in discord, will look there.
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