What is Stealth?

This site is dedicated to Stealth Client for Ultima Online. By creating this program, I set a goal to make something universal, which will give a huge number of opportunities to emulate the player’s actions in the game Ultima Online, and will not be demanding of computer resources. Even my main goal was to give up my program depending on the client UO. Where to start? If you have just learned about this program, you should first read the description of the program. All script methods and examples of their usage you can find in API section. Manuals, descriptions and explanations are avalable in Manual section.

Before you start writing the script, you can see the finished scripts on forum “Scripts”. Maybe your script is already there. If you have trouble with writing a script, you can ask your question also on forum. Also, remember that on forum available a collection of frequently asked questions FAQ, which is constantly updated, and the answer to your question may already be there.

I hope that the program will be useful for you, so my efforts were not wasted. :-) Good luck.

What can Stealth do?